Mum & Bub Bonding Ritual Gift Box

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3 small soak set 

50g hojicha jar

drawstring bag & Luxury black gift box

Tea Baths Soaks

Powerful Antioxidants in Matcha & Ayurvedic botanicals (Turmeric, Ginger, Ashwagandha) help reduce inflammation and dullness.
Mineral& Magnesium-rich 3 Salts Formula
Dead Sea+ Himalayan Pink+ Epsom helps sore and tired muscles. Magnesium supports restful sleep.

Prebiotics feeds the skin's microbiome with good bacteria for healthy & balanced skin.

Hojicha powder is 100% stoneground roasted green tea powder made with NO GMOs, pesticides or herbicides.

Please see individual products for the full list of ingredients.

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Matcha + Hojicha Trio Gift Box

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reef-safe, tea & plant-based dye

Our travel-friendly drawstring bag included in the Mum & Bub Bonding Ritual is lovingly hand-dyed using a blend of Organic Sencha Green Tea, spinach, and rosemary. It takes about a week to make one fresh batch, and we will change blends and colours seasonally. Made with 100% organic cotton. Use it to store your goodies on your travels or anywhere you like!