Matcha + Green Superfood Tea Bath Soak

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Organic Ceremonial Matcha & Sencha + Prebiotics + Adaptogens + Vitamins

Hand-picked, first spring harvest, Organic Ceremonial Matcha & Sencha Tea envelopes your body and senses, transporting you to the serene tea gardens of Uji & Kagoshima. Our multi-functional Tea Bath detoxifies and combats inflammation while enhancing an overall sense of calm and well-being.

Made with...

Certified Organic Ceremonial Matcha & Sencha Tea, Organic Kombu Sea Kelp, cold-pressed Green Tea Seed Oil, Prebiotics, Botanicals, Salt & Minerals.

NO ADDED Fragrance, Fragrance Oils, Perfume, Colouring

Made For...

Detoxifying, Supercharging Antioxidants & Amino acids, Reduces excess sebum

    Powerful Antioxidants in Matcha & Ayurvedic botanicals (Turmeric, Ginger, Ashwagandha) help reduce inflammation and dullness.
    Mineral & Magnesium-rich 3 Salts Formula
    Dead Sea+ Himalayan Pink+ Epsom helps sore and tired muscles. Magnesium supports restful sleep.

    Prebiotics feeds the skin's microbiome with good bacteria for healthy & balanced skin.

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    Pour in 2~3 tablespoons under running water. Soak for 20min & rinse.

    Unwind & re-hydrate with a cup of tea or warm water.

    Melt away stress and sleep peacefully.

    Ultimate Luxury Detox Spa-At-Home

    It's your little oasis away from the noise and stress.

    Our Tea Bath formulated with Certified Organic Ceremonial Matcha, aromatic Sencha Kaori tea and kombu sea kelp, spiruilina boosts antioxidants and vitamins for your stressed skin. Potent Polyphenols (EGCG) in green tea helps to plump, promote firmness, reduce excess sebum. Studies have found that combining drinking green tea and topically applying reduces puffiness and improves skin elasticity. Sip + Soak Matcha~

    Rich in vitamins A, B and E, Organic cold-pressed Green Tea Seed Oil deeply nourishes the skin without greasiness. This luxurious oil has been used in skincare rituals in Korea and Japan for centuries for its ability to improve skin elasticity and combat the appearance of aging.

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