matcha + chadō 茶道 = MATCHADŌ

The confluence of tea and culture is expressed beautifully with the practice of the art of tea- Chadō or Chadao. At Matchadō, we are guided by the principles of the way of tea- kindness and harmony, respect, tranquillity, sincerity (和, 敬, 寂, 真). Our sincerest hope is that our hand-crafted fortifying matcha & tea blends and deeply relaxing tea bath immersions will help nourish your mind, body and mood with the transformative power of tea. We are behind you in your journey of reclaiming calm, health and balance in your life.

We have travelled and searched all over Japan to find the best premium green tea products for our tea and bath products. That is why we have partnered with small and reputable tea farmers run by families who handcraft premium quality matcha and green tea without compromising on environmentally safe & sound harvesting methods and use NO GMOs, pesticides or herbicides.

TEA BATH - Fueled by tea, plants, science, and wisdom.

What makes us stand out from the crowd?

We wanted to make our tea bath immersions with Certified Organic Ceremonial Grade matcha and green tea as the hero ingredient. But we wanted to go further & deeper by incorporating science-backed skincare ingredients. Our Tea Bath products are not only packed with the goodness of matcha & green tea, botanicals and oils, but formulated with high-efficacy skincare ingredients like Prebiotics, Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid, and our Triple Salt Formula and proporeity blends. We support healthy and strong skin by protecting the natural skin barrier and preventing transepidermal water loss; TEWL (a fancy word for water/moisture loss) harnessing the best that nature and science have to offer in our bath soak products.

Hand-blended with care in Australia. Fresh & Small batches.


Our Commitment

We believe wellness rituals enrich your life without all the complications and rules AND without compromising your commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.
We believe in taking action and responsibility for our waste. That is why we ensure our packaging is compostable, reusable or recyclable wherever possible.