Organic Culinary Matcha

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Full bodied, malty with roasted nutty aromas. Best for your lattes & dessert creations.


Bold and distinctively herbaceous. Our 100% Certified Organic Culinary edition adds a touch of decadence and complexity to your sweet dessert creations, smoothies and lattes. We source directly from dedicated family-owned tea farmers who use environmentally sound harvesting practices to bring you a perfectly balanced, clean matcha with lingering umami notes.


  Harvest     Spring & Late Spring
  Culitvar     Blended 
  Origin       Kagoshima
  Notes       Umami          ★★★
                   Astringency  ★★★★
                   Sweetness    ★★
 Best for     Lattes, desserts & baked creations



100% Stone grounded Green Tea Powder

Matcha Latte

For a comforting beverage containing all the health benefits of premium matcha, try a matcha latte. We prefer to use oat or almond milk as it complements the nuttiness of the matcha but you should use whichever milk you prefer.

1. Sift 2 scoops (2g / ¾ tsp) of matcha into a chawan (matcha bowl).

2. Add 50ml (1.75fl oz) of warm water. The temperature of the water should be around 70-80°C / 160-175°F.

3. Use a chasen (bamboo whisk) to whisk the water and the matcha together for around 10 seconds until you have a fine crema on top. The matcha should be whisked firmly back and forth in a "W" or "M" motion.

4. Add around 100ml (3.5fl oz) of hot milk.

5. Enjoy your Matcha Latte!

refill is the new recycling!

Our Eco-Friendly Refillable Tea Collection.

We love beautiful packaging but hated the thought of throwing it out every time we finished with it. That is why we created our powdered tea collection in reusable and refillable eco-friendly Biophotonic Glass jars, also known as Miron or Violet glass. These gorgeous glass jars can block visible sunlight and protect the precious Matcha’s potency, aromas, colour, and texture.

Once you finish your initial jar, order the 50g Refillable Bag and top up! 

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