Bath Ritual Starter

$44.90 AUD

Give yourself permission to pause and rest.

Start your daily bath rituals with the mini Tea Bath Trio Set. A great post-workout ritual or a thoughtful gift idea for someone you love. Plus, it's a travel-friendly kit perfect for your next trip!

Beautifully packed in a  premium black gift box and a travel-friendly 100% cotton drawstring bag which has been lovingly hand-dyed with all-natural and ocean-friendly dye- botanical blends of our Organic Sencha green tea leaves, Blue Butterfly Pea flower, organic spinach, and rosemary. We will change the colour of the bags, blends and botanicals according to seasonal ingredients. Just a heads up, due to the chemical-free process of dying the fabrics, the colours are sheer and light. 

What's inside?

  • 3 x mini Tea Bath Bubbly Soaks (Matcha & Green Superfood, Turmeric& Pumpkin Spice Chai, and the Milky Oat Hydration).
  • Organic Cotton, hand-dyed drawstring bag
  • Packed in a premium black gift box.


Powerful Antioxidants in Matcha & Ayurvedic botanicals (Turmeric, Ginger, Ashwagandha) help reduce inflammation and dullness.
Mineral& Magnesium-rich 3 Salts Formula
Dead Sea+ Himalayan Pink+ Epsom helps sore and tired muscles. Magnesium supports restful sleep.

Prebiotics feeds the skin's microbiome with good bacteria for healthy & balanced skin.

Please see individual product for the full list of ingredients.

Hero Ingredients

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Matchadō cotton bag: reef-safe, tea & plant-based dye

Our travel-friendly drawstring bag included in the Bath Tea Ritual Starter is lovingly hand-dyed using a blend of Organic Sencha Green Tea, spinach, and rosemary. It takes about a week to make one fresh batch, and we will change blends and colours seasonally. Made with 100% organic cotton. Use it to store your goodies on your travels or anywhere you like!